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What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a safe, effective medication that has been proven effective for a variety of mental health disorders and neuropathic pain.


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Ketamine Can Treat The Following Conditions

Ketamine treatment has been proven effective at reducing or eliminating symptoms in many difficult to treat conditions. It has been called ``the greatest advancement in depression research in 50-years`` by the National Institute of Health.

At Northwest Ketamine Clinics, the medications and protocols do the heavy lifting of our treatments, but the experience you have with our clinics and with our clinicians provides healing of its own. Our hope is for you to feel valued, feel safe, and to know that we are there for you. We are more than a Ketamine clinic. We are a community made up of compassionate professionals who believe in our work and a growing number of patients and families whose lives have been changed through this remarkable treatment. We are the undisputed local leader for ketamine treatment in Seattle and Bellevue. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.


Depression is the leading cause of disability, worldwide. Ketamine treatment can rapidly, effectively, and safely reduce or eliminate feelings of depression for those who suffer.

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Ketamine infusions have been shown to restore connections within the brain and is an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Pain Syndromes

Ketamine can block NMDA receptors, effectively resetting connections between nerves, allowing for relief of many types of debilitating chronic pain..

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) affects about 2.2 million American adults. It strikes men and women in roughly equal numbers.

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Major Anxiety

Ketamine Treatment has been found to allievate the symptoms of anxiety within hours rather than the typical four-to-six weeks.

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Migraines that have previously been unresponsive to other treatments have been shown to be relieved with Ketamine treatment.

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Ketamine is a remarkable medication. It’s ability to relieve the symptoms of depression and chronic pain is truly amazing. If other treatments have failed for you, and you are ready to take control of your life again, contact us. We will work with you, your physician, and your mental health provider to see if Ketamine infusions are an option for you. Over 70% of patients improve their functioning and their mood rapidly after beginning treatments. Contact the top provider of Ketamine treatments in Seattle and Bellevue today to schedule your free consultation.

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