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Now Offering Insurance Assistance
Most insurance plans provide significant reimbursement.

We are pleased to announce many insurance carriers are reimbursing their members for a significant proportion of the treatment costs.  NWKC employs our own in-house, dedicated insurance specialist, to help investigate your estimated reimbursement. This is a complimentary service provided to help you better realize the affordability of these life-changing treatments.  We will provide you with reimbursement estimates before treatment and provide you with the completed forms and instructions you will need to submit to request insurance reimbursement for treatment. Our extensive experience with insurance billing for ketamine means you will get the maximum reimbursement possible from your insurance carrier for this life-saving treatment.  Most reimbursements are received within 30 days, some as quickly as 7 days after submission. The cost of treatment no longer needs to be a barrier to getting the care that you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new benefit. 

Our goal is to make getting treatment at our clinics as simple and affordable as possible.  Follow these simple steps to learn the estimated total out of pocket cost for your treatments and begin your path to healing.

Step #1

Call our clinic to see if you qualify for Ketamine treatment. (206) 339-6673

Step #2

Provide your insurance information to our friendly patient care coordinator.

Step #3

Our dedicated insurance specialist will review your policy and provide an accurate estimate within hours.

Step #4

Schedule your appointments and begin your path to healing.

We were the first clinic in the Puget Sound region 100% dedicated to providing ketamine infusions in a free-standing clinic setting and we remain passionate about making sure our clinics are the absolute best choice for your ketamine infusions.  Our clinics and staff are unmatched in quality, compassion, and outcomes.

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Over 70 % of our patients find relief from depression and/or anxiety within days or a couple of weeks after starting treatment.

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