Ketamine is out-of-network

Unfortunately, because this treatment is still considered “off-label” use by the FDA, most U.S. insurance companies do not cover ketamine treatment for mood conditions.

We’ll process out-of-pocket payments to hold the appointments when you schedule your treatment program. Then, when you come in for your appointment, we’ll generate a convenient “superbill” so you can submit it to your insurance for processing and reimbursement according to your plan.

We’ll run a benefits check

Our team is happy to run a benefits check to figure out the details of your out-of-network plan. If you want a more precise reimbursement estimate, we can provide treatment codes for you to share directly with your insurance company.

All we’ll need to run a benefits check is the name of your insurance company, your member ID (with prefix letters if applicable), and your date of birth.

Check with your insurance

Before starting ketamine therapy, you should check with your insurance provider to determine if they offer any coverage.

Even if coverage is limited, it may be helpful to submit a superbill for reimbursement.  Even a small reimbursement will help cover or aid in offsetting the costs of ketamine treatment.

We also offer discounts for military, medical, and first responders and occasionally offer specials or seasonal promotions.  Financing may also be available for those who qualify.  Ask your intake coordinator for details. 

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