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The KAP Advantage: Beyond Traditional Talk Therapy

At Northwest Ketamine Clinics, our Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) program incorporates the power of ketamine infusions with integration therapy, offering a powerful opportunity to enhance your therapeutic journey!

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I have a therapist:

Ketamine infusions allow you to delve deeper into your journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Integration sessions with our psychotherapist help you process the experience following each ketamine journey, articulating new insights and perspectives gained, in preparation for the next conversation with your outside talk therapist.  Gain deeper insights into areas you are currently working on.  Break down walls that have been holding you back.  Develop deeper insights.

I don’t have a therapist:

KAP offers a valuable opportunity for healing, even If you have never worked with a talk therapist before. Our KAP program is designed to support you every step of the way.  Begin your journey with a thorough preparation session with our psychotherapist, make rapid person progress with integration sessions scheduled the day after each infusion experience. This high level of support and guidance enables you to process your experiences in meaningful ways and establish new thought patterns and insights about your life. Our KAP program is a transformative and empowering program that helps you navigate life’s challenges with greater clarity and resiliency.

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Your Journey with KAP at Northwest Ketamine Clinics

Pre-Treatment Preparation and Intake: Your journey begins with a comprehensive session with our therapist to discuss your mental health history and current symptoms. We’ll guide you through preparation steps to get the most our of your ketamine infusion, including dietary considerations and how to set meaningful intentions.


Administering Ketamine: The ketamine infusion is administered in a tranquil, private setting, ensuring your comfort. Our nursing team is by your side every step of the way, providing the support and safety you need to allow yourself to let go and experience the transformative powers of intravenous ketamine.  With thousands of infusions given, we are expert and know how to maximize the dosing and environment to maximize your chances of success.


Journey into your subconscious: During the infusion, take a journey into your subconscious.  This may manifest as a a dream like state where you may access elements of your subconscious and develop new insights and motivation.  It’s common to experience feelings of universal love and acceptance. Occasionally, people will have unpleasant experiences.  Our experienced nursing team is by your side to ensure guide and assist and help you gain insights into both pleasant and challenging experiences.


Integration and Reflection: Integration is “the journey after the journey”.  Post-infusion, you’ll have time to rest, reflect, and journal about your experience. The next day, our therapist will help you integrate the insights gained into everyday life, aiding in the development of strategies to overcome and manage symptoms effectively.  This is a powerful opportunity to take what you’ve experienced, gain insights, and use those insights to bring lasting, positive change to your life.


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