What to expect


We provide a soothing, supportive, safe environment designed to optimize the healing journey

You’ll be paired 1:1 with an experienced nurse in a private treatment room, ensuring you are supported and comfortable.

During every step in the treatment journey, you have a team member available to answer questions, discuss needs and accommodations, as well as assist with next steps. We’re in continuous dialogue—what is working well, how we may adjust our approach or the environment to best support your unique needs.

The small things make a big difference

Treating you in a peaceful clinic environment minimizes external stimulations and interactions that can distract from the healing experience

The smallest comforts can make a big difference in optimizing your ketamine session.  We provide water, tea, blankets, soothing lighting, a cozy recliner, and vigilant medical protection – ensuring your safety and comfort and allowing you to let go and get the most out of each treatment.

Treatment timeline

Reach out to us

Every treatment journey begins with a single step. Reach out— a helpful and informed team member is ready to talk with you about getting started.

Step 1

Discuss options

After conferring with you, our experts will suggest a level of treatment that would be best for you. You are not locked into any treatment option and can change your mind at any time.

Step 2

Chat with a nurse practitioner

Our staff includes doctorally prepared Nurse Practitioners who are experienced and understanding. We care about your comfort and well-being and will focus attentively on your individual needs.

Step 3

Schedule infusions

Our patient care coordinators work with you to craft a schedule based on the location and program you have decided on. In urgent situations, you may be able to get started as soon as the same or the next day.

Step 4

Integration & transformation

“Integration” is taking the wisdom you’ve discovered during your ketamine journey and bringing it into your daily life. It’s the journey after the journey, where new insights and positive changes can become permanent as you discover a new way of feeling and being.

Step 5

Prepare for transformation

Careful preparation is key to having an enriching experience.  It’s natural to feel nervous before your first treatment.  We urge you to put your trust in our capable staff and do your best to arrive calm, well-rested, and relaxed.

Before treatment

  • Arrive 15 minutes early for your scheduled appointment time
  • Please use the restroom before your appointment
  • Medications should be taken as prescribed unless instructed otherwise
  • Do your best to arrive calm, well-rested, and relaxed. It’s not always easy to relax before treatment, and that’s OK. Do your best and go with the flow
  • If nausea is a problem for you, refrain from food for at least two hours before arrival
  • For pain infusions, please refrain from food for at least six hours before arrival.
  • Stay hydrated both before and after your treatment
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing with easy access to your hands and arms
  • Most patients prefer a pillow and blanket during treatments or a sentimental item for comfort. Feel free to bring clean items from your home
  • Minimize distractions during treatment (set your phone to airplane mode)
  • Consider bringing headphones and a 50-minute playlist. Avoid any music with lyrics or heavy rhythms. The right music can transform your experience
  • Pre-arranged transportation is required. Please arrange a driver for all appointments (ask about accommodations for rideshare or walking from the clinic)
  • Avoid stressful situations that could effect your treatment.
  • Plan on being in the clinic for around 90-120 minutes (pain treatment is longer)

Set intentions 

An intention is a goal or anchor you hold for the experience.  It can be something serious, such as learning how to deal with a loss.  But it can also be something lighter, such as how to find more joy in your daily routine.  Planning a thought to come back to as you receive your treatment can offer a home base and help you find deeper meaning from your experience.

An intention might be:

  • An outcome you want
  • An experience you want to have in your session
  • Asking for insights or healing in an area of your life
  • Hoping to see or develop characteristics in yourself

If at any point during treatment you start to feel “lost”, focus on this intention.  It’s a safe and easy way to anchor your thoughts and resume a productive journey.

Above all, don’t worry! Ketamine is tested, safe, and extremely effective. Chances that you’ll do well and have a successful outcome are excellent.

Treatment experience

At your appointment time, you will be escorted to the infusion room which has been designed to create a welcome and calming environment.  When you are comfortable, the nurse will gently place your IV and attach vital sign monitors.

Be prepared to share your progress with the nurse, including any concerns or feedback about your last infusion, including any nausea or other side effects.

During treatment, we invite you to share your experiences with the nurse or therapist.  No matter what you’re feeling, it’s okay, and we’re there to guide and support you.

Each treatment is a unique experience. Embrace it. Be a part of it and remember your intention. Focus inward. Resist the impulse to control the experience and instead, become an observer of the journey.  If negative thoughts arise, let them pass on by.

Ketamine is considered “psychedelic medicine” because it can change your perceptions and adjust even the deepest held beliefs. It’s not uncommon to gain insights that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

What the infusions feel like

Ketamine produces a sense of disconnection from one’s ordinary reality and usual self 

It can induce or enhance feelings of creativity, purpose, perspective, serenity, insight, inspiration, gratitude, empathy, connection with others and the world, openness to new ideas, psychological rebirth, traveling outside of one’s self, and more.

The direct effects will last for approximately one hour. While we request that you refrain from making important decisions or driving on the day of the treatment, most people are able to return to light activities three to four hours post-treatment.

Your experience may include…
  • Altered state of mind, and consciousness
  • Changes in vision including intense colors and other mild visual hallucinations
  • Evocative images, memories, and feelings may come to mind.
  • Distortion of time and space
  • Perceptual and body distortions
  • Change in physical sensations, heightened senses, sensory stimulation
  • Detachment from identity, a lack of sense of self-identity
  • Mild out of body experiences, depersonalization (feeling as though you are watching a movie of yourself)

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