Ketamine for Anxiety


Calm your nerves

Ketamine can be an effective treatment for those suffering from anxiety, as well as related conditions including suicidal ideation, OCD, and PTSD


Ketamine not only strengthens and forms new synaptic connections in the brain, it can also soothe your mind and help calm the perseverating, anxiety-provoking thoughts and feelings many experience.  

While it typically takes several treatments for the best results, over 86% of our patients report at least a 50% reduction in their anxiety over the course of treatment. 

Gain back control

We often hear things like, “My depression and anxiety aren’t mixed up together anymore; I can deal with them as separate things now.”  


From our experience, depression and suicidal thoughts are the first to improve, with anxiety improvement occurring toward the end of the treatment series. 

Of course, each person is unique, and many feel excellent anxiety relief from the first infusion.  Sometimes for the first time in the person’s memory.  For most, the experience of ketamine itself is peaceful and calming, with additional support available for those who need it.  


After 6 infusions, results show the same effectiveness as depression, with 80% of patients reporting at least a 50% reduction in anxiety symptoms by the end of the treatment cycle

40 million adults in the us (19.1%) have an anxiety disorder

Anxiety research

Many patients with social anxiety disorder (SAD) experience inadequate symptom relief from available treatments. Ketamine is a potent N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor antagonist with a potentially novel mechanism of action to treat anxiety disorders. This proof-of-concept trial provides initial evidence that ketamine may effectively reduce anxiety.
This study sought to evaluate the effect of weekly ketamine treatments for three months on anxiety ratings, safety, and tolerability in patients with treatment-refractory generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD), and subsequent assessment of remission post-treatment. Patients received one or two weekly ketamine doses of 1 mg/kg injected subcutaneously for 3 months. Patients reported marked improvements in functionality and in their personal lives. Maintenance ketamine may be a therapeutic alternative for patients with treatment refractory GAD/SAD.
Ketamine facilitates neuronal growth. (in mice)
Ketamine re-establishes and strengthens neural connections via dendrites.

"I have suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks for many years. I have been under medical care for many years and I have taken almost every SSRI and Benzo to control my anxiety and panic attacks. I was very scared to try Ketamine as I was afraid of having a panic attack during the infusion. The staff at NW Ketamine answered all of my questions and did a in depth consultation with me after which time I decided to try the 6 Infusions. Today I just finished my 6th Infusion. I have not had a panic attack since my first Infusion. The results of the Infusions far exceeded my expectations. To anyone that suffers from severe anxiety, panic attacks or PTSD you know that trying to live with this condition can feel like living hell. For the first time in many years a weight has been lifted and I feel so happy and alive again.To anyone considering trying this treatment all I can say is that it is the best decision I have ever made. Leading up to the first Infusion I was so scared. I was scared of how the Ketamine will feel, I was scared of having a panic attack, I was scared of the unknown. The staff was so kind and understanding about my anxiety. They helped calm me down before the infusion and made me feel safe. After my first Infusion I felt lighter. With each infusion my anxiety continued to decrease. During the Infusions you are never left alone. There is always a member of the medical staff in the room with you. They monitor your vitals and keep you safe.Many people that are considering this treatment are probably wondering what does the Ketamine feel like. That is hard to answer because each treatment was slightly different for me, you will have different feelings and emotions with each session. What I can promise you is that it is very safe and that you don't need to be afraid.If you are suffering there is help. Ketamine can change your life."

– Stephen Mortell

Treatment options for anxiety


Our foundational program: 6 intravenous infusions administered over 2-3 weeks under careful monitoring by our trained medical staff

Ketamine + Therapy

Work through challenging life issues with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, our most involved program, with a licensed mental health counselor trained in psychedelic therapy

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