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You are on the short-list for a big promotion at work. Your boss tells you there is a condition: All you need to do is nail the Zoom call with potential investors. You spend the next 24 hours, your stomach tied in knots, then defer to a co-worker. Your co-worker, excited about the opportunity, impresses everyone during the meeting – and gets rewarded with what should have been your promotion.

According to some polls, 80% of Americans suffer from stress every day, with the majority blaming it on work. Other research says up to one million employees miss work each day because of stress (and this was before the coronavirus!). Most workers – 54% -- say the stress affects and spills over to their home life. The repercussions are worrisome. Stress leads to anxiety, resulting in physical and mental problems like weight gain, trouble sleeping, sensations of impending doom, chest pain, and issues with personal relationships, among others.  At times, anxiety attacks can also happen, leading to even worse problems. Read further for information on managing these issues.

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