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We offer three different treatment programs, contoured to meet your unique needs.

Backed by rigorous research and staffed by our expert team of psychedelic therapy and medical professionals, each program is designed to unblock specific areas of your life.


Our foundational program: 6 intravenous infusions administered over 2-3 weeks under careful monitoring by our trained medical staff

Ketamine + Therapy

Work through challenging life issues with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, our most involved program, with a licensed mental health counselor trained in psychedelic therapy


Administered over 4 days, this program helps patients who suffer from treatment-resistant neuropathic pain by targeting dysfunctional pain pathways

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Primary focus
# of infusions
Support provided
Stabilize your mood, forge new neural pathways, and reduce treatment-resistant symptoms
Six 90-minute sessions scheduled over 2-3 consecutive weeks
Nurse by your side through the entirety of each 90-minute treatment session. Assurance of safety and emotional support provided by our nursing staff.
*As low as $81 per month
Ketamine + Therapy
Unite the psychedelic and neurogenerative effects of ketamine with integration therapy designed around your specific challenges and goals. Especially effetive for PTSD and healing past trauma
Outpatient program scheduled over 4 consecutive weeks, including two preparation sessions, six infusions and six integration therapy sessions
Professional support and guidance during each step in the treatment journey. Robust integration sessions with a licensed psychotherapist allow you to reframe thought patterns, perspectives and beliefs so you can move forward again
*As low as $122 per month
Rapid reduction in treatment-resistant neuropathic pain
4 consecutive days from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., a total of 16 infusion hours
Medically supervised by our nurses and nurse practitioners. Support for both mind and body throughout each of these longer, pain-targeted infusions
As low as $162 per month
Integration coaching

+ Add-on
For those wanting to process their infusion experience.
A la carte
Integration support from a trained integration coach to make the most of the insights you gain from infusions.
As low as $25
Northwest Ketamine Clinics offers the lowest price IV ketamine infusions in the PNW for maintenance care at $399 per infusion.
Disclaimer: *As low as payments are calculated on a 60-month low APR payment plan with CareCredit; of which we are a preferred provider. Subject to credit approval.
Through CareCredit, we also offer a 6-month interested deferred plan (same as cash).

"I've been doing ketamine infusions over a year now. Looking back, I didn't even realize what a dark place I was in. And ketamine has completely changed my outlook, how I carry myself in this world, who I am, my priorities, what I give a crap about. I haven't been on a pill in forever. Ketamine has changed my life. I really think it's the future of medicine."

– Aaron

What we treat

Ketamine is a proven, reliable, and powerful support to people suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or neuropathic pain.

Whether you're seeking to remove suffering when other medications haven't worked, or you simply want a breakthrough treatment that will remove the blocks preventing you from living your best life, ketamine can work for you.

If current treatments aren’t providing the level of symptom relief you are seeking, ketamine may be the breakthrough that helps optimize your current treatment and achieve the success you seek.


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