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At Northwest Ketamine Clinics, we put your needs first. Our mission is to provide hope and help improve your life.

As a local, family-run company of highly trained medical professionals, we’re motivated by ketamine’s ability to change lives in positive ways when administered properly in a safe, therapeutic environment.

We provide personalized treatment plans with compassionate guidance and one-on-one support, to ensure you receive effective treatment in a calm, safe setting.

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We offer personalized treatment, including trauma-informed care, nurses to guide you, a one-to-one ratio of patient to practitioner, and almost 100% bioavailable infusion.

In addition, we have extensive experience in treating patients with severe symptoms who are resistant to other first-line interventions.

Online programs
At your home, where the uncontrolled setting may interfere with your treatment. Lacking immediate support to assist with medical, safety, and psychological needs
Lozenges or nasal spray with much lower ketamine potency and bioavailability
Online articles, chat support, phone or video call
Other local clinics
An overly clinical setting that isn't conducive to a relaxed experience. Or a “trippy” dayspa with limited medical support
Primarily intramuscular shot with no adjustments during treatment, or intravenous
Staff members whose time may be spread across multiple patients simultaneously
Northwest Ketamine Clinics
A healthy and clinical setting where comfort and safety combine to create a soothing, peaceful environment. Set and setting are prioritized
Intravenous doses personalized to your needs, overseen by attentive staff members. Moment to moment adjustments help you find your optimal dose
A thorough onboarding and intake process, an assigned medical guide by your side, and available in-person integration sessions following treatment

"I cannot fully convey how much I respect and value this clinic. From the moment I initially spoke on the phone with the front desk, I sensed that this was going to be a very safe, professional, and accommodating place to go for treatments. I was proven correct and they have only exceeded my expectations since becoming a regular patient. The entire staff is fantastic, including the front desk and the amazing nurses. I was welcomed with open arms, genuinely cared for, made to feel completely safe and valued from the very beginning."

– Jennifer Rubenstein

"From the get, you know, I went through, I think, three phone consultations and I, they asked a lot of questions and I felt really, really good about that. Like, they weren't just like taking anybody, you know, because I'm sure that there are people out there that I'm like, I need to do ketamine for fun. And, but this is a real clinical setting and that's what I wanted."

– Aaron

"You have your first few sessions and then you're on a phone with the nurse the next day. How are you feeling? How are things going? Have you reintegrated? You know, it's like you would expect from a doctor / spa, but yeah, it was better than I thought it would be."

– Kelly

"The environment is serene, cozy, and relaxing- which is absolutely KEY! I felt completely comfortable expressing my personal needs to the nurses and being fully accommodated in a seamless manner. There were times when I felt very vulnerable and the staff responded in such a nurturing way that I was able to work through those issues efficiently and successfully. I have had 4 different nurses so far and each one of them has been uniquely wonderful!"

– Jennifer Rubenstein

Leadership team

Our caring team is committed to guiding people to successful outcomes using ketamine

Allyn Wilcock

Founder, CRNA

Allyn directs clinical services and is the founder of Northwest Ketamine Clinics. He believes in ketamine's unique ability to heal mind, body, and spirit, and is passionate about bringing the power of ketamine to all who may benefit. With over 25 years of experience in healthcare, and degrees in Psychology, Anesthesiology, and Advanced Practice Nursing, he brings a well-rounded background and vision to NWKC. Allyn lives with his wife and children in Snoqualmie, Washington.

Austin Rogers

Operations Manager

Austin brings a background of healthcare management experience to NW Ketamine Clinics from his time spent in Corporate Dental at the world's largest Dental Support Organization. In addition, Austin spent 8 years in Navy Medicine in occupational health and running one of the largest training departments in the Navy. He has a passion for inspiring those around him and cultivating productive working relationships with our team and partners and is excited to be a part of NW Ketamine Clinics! His free time is spent with his son (age 6) and golfing around the beautiful state of Washington.

Cameron Soltani

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, DNP

An Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with a Doctor of Nursing Practice, Cameron values providing excellent care. His interest in altered states of consciousness led him to study psychology and become a nurse practitioner. His hobbies include being outdoors, spending time with his family (especially two young boys), reading science and philosophy, and tinkering/making.

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