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Provider referrals are invaluable to us. We are grateful for your trust and are deeply committed to providing professional, compassionate care to your patients.

Collaboration benefits everyone

We believe that collaborating with you will improve treatment outcomes and longevity and increase patients’ quality of life.

We’re flexible

Some therapists request to be present during their client’s ketamine treatment.  We encourage this whenever possible and are happy to accommodate special requests

Considering IV Ketamine For Yourself?

Northwest Ketamine Clinics has become known as “the provider’s provider”.  Both medical and mental health providers have an increased risk of the disorders we treat.  We specialize in treating healthcare providers of all kinds.  Our patients include physicians, therapists, nurses, and first responders.  To show our gratitude for your hard work and sacrifices, a 10% discount is available.  If you are considering treatment for yourself, please reach out.  We understand and want to help.

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If you wish to provide a referral or discuss treatments, our door is always open. We can set you up for a peer-to-peer consultation with our Clinical Director or our Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) Director.

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"I've been working in the Seattle and Bellevue Area since 2005. I have personally worked with the Northwest Ketamine Team for several years. I have been doing surgery and medicine starting in medical school in 1996. Over all of these years, this team is the best team I've ever worked with, period. I have no reason to give this positive review other than to tell you what I honestly think. Over the past several years, this team is always on time and have managed my patients with impeccable care. The founder of this team is one of the nicest people I've met. He is a great guy and my team loves him! He is honest, ethical, works well with everybody and is always responsive whenever we need him. Just the other day, we had a question for him about one of our patients and he was in our office in less than 20 minutes. He interrupted his day to address something for us. We told him he didn't have to come but he did anyway. I truly believe, based on my over 26 years of higher education and experience, that if I needed some type of anesthesia care or management of my pain or other issues related to what Northwest Ketamine does, I would choose Northwest Ketamine over anybody."

- Dr. Philip Young M.D.