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What to expect

A safe, upscale, and comfortable setting

Northwest Ketamine Clinics provide a safe, meditative, and supportive medical environment. During every step of the treatment journey, your comfort is our top priority.


We support and guide you

We help you create the right intentions and mindset for entering the psychedelic state. We provide coaching before and after treatment to prepare, and then later, to integrate the psychedelic experience.

We’ll encourage dialogue and responsiveness. If we can help you in any way during treatment—from practicing trauma-informed care to supporting your treatment journey with special accommodations—let’s talk about it.

What’s the right option for you?

Our expert team of psychedelic practitioners, including nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and psychotherapists, offer four treatment programs to choose from:


Stabilize mood conditions

Ketamine for Substance Use Disorder

Beat your addiction with ketamine + therapy

Ketamine + therapy

Deeper healing

Ketamine for pain

Target chronic pain