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Patient Experience

Northwest Ketamine Clinic's Patient Experience.

At Northwest Ketamine Clinic’s, the patient experience drives everything we do.  Our exclusive system guides and supports you through every step of the process in a way no other ketamine provider can.  As the top provider of ketamine for both mental health and chronic pain, we know how important individualized care is for your success.  Everything we do is centered around ensuring your experience exceeds all expectations.


Whether seeking care for depression, chronic pain, or one of the many other conditions we treat at NWKC, the patient experience is a vital part of the process.  We’ve refined our process to make it as simple as possible to begin treatment with us, and have paid attention to every detail along the way to make certain the experience you have with our clinic and our staff can’t be beaten.  

Many people are curious about the process and what to expect from ketamine treatments.  Most are pleased to learn how simple the process really is, and just how quickly our patients typically see results.  The vast majority of our patients see real results within a short time of beginning infusions. Results usually begin between two days to two weeks from beginning treatment.

Getting Started:

Follow these three simple steps to get started.

1)     Call our clinic and talk with one of our experienced patient care coordinators.  They can answer most questions or can schedule a free consultation with a member of our medical staff   206-309-2299

2)     Schedule an appointment for a brief physical and assessment with Dr. Cameron Soltani, DNP.  Cameron is an experienced nurse practitioner and will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan with the goal of maximizing the benefits of your treatment.  It is our belief that ketamine should be part of a well of a well-rounded approach that includes your mental and physical health as well as nutrition and stress reduction techniques.

3)     Schedule your infusions and begin to start feeling better!  We have a few short consents to read and sign prior to treatment.  While ketamine has been FDA approved for nearly 50 years, it’s use for mental health treatment is still considered “off label” use.

How many infusions?

As the leading ketamine infusion clinic in the northwest, we have developed protocols that will give you the best chance of success.  We begin with researched back protocols and make slight adjustments based on the latest science and individual patient needs.

Pain and mental health infusions follow different protocols at our office.

Mental Health:  Our standard protocol consists of a six infusion stabilization series, typically administered over a three-week span.  Infusions may last up to 60 minutes with the total appointment time being around 90 minutes. In some cases, we will recommend extended infusions.  For our patients who travel from out of town, we can condense the initial six treatments into a one-week time span with the same high success rate as our standard series.  Patients typically return for a single booster infusion every 1 to 3 months, depending on their individual needs.

Pain:  Pain infusions are typically longer and at a higher dose of ketamine.  Our beginning pain series consists of four-hour infusions over four consecutive days.  This reduces pain by up to 50% for over 70% of our patients, usually lasting 3-6 months.  Occasionally, we will recommend additional infusions if we feel that more progress can be made.  

What it’s like:

Because the setting you receive ketamine infusions is so important to achieving the best results, we’ve created the absolute finest facilities available.  Each treatment room is 100% private with state of the art medical and safety equipment. Leather recliners, beautiful views, warm lighting and calming sounds all create an atmosphere of relaxation and safety.  Our specially trained nurses and nurse practitioners are at your side throughout your infusion.

We are by your side throughout each and every infusion, you are never left with a call light or “checked on” occasionally as with other clinics.  We’re always there for you, providing 100% individualized care during each infusion.

The session begins with our nurses greeting you and checking in about your progress.  Vital sign monitors are attached (blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels) and a small IV is inserted into a vein of your hand or arm.  We take special care to make sure the IV placement is as smooth and painless as possible. Most patients are surprised at how easy it is. IV fluids are started and the ketamine is slowly infused with precise control via our digital infusion pump.  Lighting and music are attended and a warm blanket completes the experience.

Ketamine is extremely safe when administered by experienced hands, but it is strong medicine and can create experiences, unlike anything you may have experienced before.  As new connections are being created and neurogenic healing is occurring, your mind may go into a mild dissociative state. Body sensations, seeing colors, and seeing geometric shapes are all common.  We are at your side every step on the way, making sure you are safe and comfortable during this process. Most people enjoy the experience, very few find it unpleasant.

When the infusion is complete the IV is removed and you are given time to recover. Most people return to a normal state within just a couple of hours. We allow you to return home with a friend or loved one as soon as your vital signs and mental state are at a safe level.  Most patients go home and rest or nap after their infusion.

We pay attention to every detail to make certain you are comfortable and safe throughout your infusion.  Shop around, we’re convinced there isn’t a safer, more comfortable ketamine infusion clinic in the nation.  Come in for a free consultation and learn what a difference Northwest Ketamine Clinics can make in your life.

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