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Ketamine treatment seattle


Depression Treatment

For those who have been let down by other treatments and medications, IV ketamine offers real hope. Nearly 70% of patients report feeling better and return to functioning within hours or days of beginning treatment. Ketamine is not a cure for depression, requiring occasional, ongoing maintenance treatments, but when combined with cognitive therapies and wellness programs many are able to live life again with little to no depressive symptoms.

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For those suffering from depression, life can be a constant struggle. Persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest in life can be overwhelming. Often, people turn to alcohol, drugs, or even suicide in an attempt to overcome feelings of depression and feel better again

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IV Ketamine offers proven, safe relief from many forms of depression, chronic pain, and other difficult to treat conditions. We offer this life-changing treatment in a comfortable, spa-like atmosphere where all infusions are monitored by our team of experienced, award-winning anesthesia providers.

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