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“Northwest Ketamine Clinics has saved my life. This completely changed everything for me” (Actual patient January 2019)

New Depression Treatment In Bellevue, WA.

For those who have been let down by other treatments and medications, IV ketamine offers real hope. Over 70% of patients report feeling better and return to functioning within hours or days of beginning treatment. Ketamine is not a cure for depression, requiring occasional, ongoing maintenance treatments, but when combined with cognitive therapies and wellness programs many are able to live life again with little to no depressive symptoms.

How does ketamine work for depression?

Older antidepressants work on the “chemical imbalance” model of mood disorders. The belief that there is a reduction or imbalance in one or more chemicals in the brain. Nearly all antidepressants developed since the 1950’s work under this assumption and effect either serotonin or norepinephrine levels in the brain.

Ketamine is changing how we look at mood and mental health disorders.  

Shifting from a primarily “chemical imbalance” view, many now believe that there are structural changes in brain neurons that occur with depression, PTSD, and other mood disorders. Especially in the areas that help regulate mood and focus. The structural changes found in neurons exposed to stress and trauma include atrophy (shrinking of neurons), and reduced branching and fewer connections between neurons. Ketamine is the only legal, FDA approved a medication that has been found to rapidly repair these structural deficits. Research suggests that after a series of ketamine infusions brain neurons are able to repair themselves and begin working in a more normal way. Branching and connections between neurons are greatly increased and mood and focus are improved. Ketamine is ushering in a new generation of antidepressant medications. The big pharmaceutical companies are quickly jumping on board and many new potential medications, based on the success of ketamine, are currently being developed.

IV ketamine is the gold standard.

Ketamine can be delivered in several ways, including intramuscular (a shot in the muscle), intranasal (nasal spray), sublingual (oral melt tab), and subcutaneous (under the skin). But only IV ketamine (intravenous, via an infusion into the bloodstream) has been extensively studied and found to be effective by some of the most respected medical universities in the world including Duke, Johns Hopkins, Oxford, and others.  

Northwest Ketamine Clinics is the premier provider of IV ketamine in the northwest. With our established research-backed protocols, experienced and highly qualified infusion providers, inclusive wellness programs, and unmatched settings, Northwest Ketamine Clinics sets the standard in both our clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.  

If you are considering IV ketamine for any form of depression Northwest Ketamine Clinics has the experience and compassion needed to give you the greatest chances of success. Call today and live again.

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For those suffering from depression, life can be a constant struggle. Persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest in life can be overwhelming. Often, people turn to alcohol, drugs, or even suicide in an attempt to overcome feelings of depression and feel better again

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