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We know that sleep influences physical and mental health, but just how much is the subject of debate and continued research. Studies show that getting good sleep – a solid seven to nine hours a night for the average adult – helps lift your mood and mind and can help thwart health problems. If you're concerned about sleep difficulties and mental health, ask your doctor for possible causes, self-help remedies, and other treatments which may include cutting edge medications like ketamine.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 individuals in the US experiences some degree of mental illness annually.  Recently, the World Health Organization declared that “Depression is now the leading cause of disability in the world”.   The current epidemic has created a great sense of urgency as rates of mental illness and suicide have skyrocketed in recent months and are predicted to continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

According to some polls, 80% of Americans suffer from stress every day, with the majority blaming it on work. Other research says up to one million employees miss work each day because of stress (and this was before the coronavirus!). Most workers – 54% -- say the stress affects and spills over to their home life. The repercussions are worrisome. Stress leads to anxiety, resulting in physical and mental problems like weight gain, trouble sleeping, sensations of impending doom, chest pain, and issues with personal relationships, among others.  At times, anxiety attacks can also happen, leading to even worse problems. Read further for information on managing these issues.

As you happily shop at the grocery store, pushing a wheeled cart from one aisle to the next, how many people are smiling (or smiling behind their face-mask)? How many wear blank stares? How many have sour facial expressions, or seem to be talking to themselves? If you answered, “a lot,” there’s a good chance some of your fellow shoppers may suffer from a mood disorder known as depression. Even in normal times, across North America, millions more are afflicted, too, beset by loneliness, irrational fears, and sense of isolation related to everyday tasks. During these difficult times, it is anticipated that depression and other mood difficulties are skyrocketing.  At it best, depression restricts a person’s quality of life and ability to handle life’s major activities.  At worst, depression can be devastating to individuals and families, destroying lives and relationships and at the extreme, suicide and death.  Untreated depression is a serious condition.  But there is hope and it can be successfully treated.  Read on to learn more about depression and new, powerful treatments.

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