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Who We Are

“We were the first clinic in the Puget Sound region 100% dedicated to providing IV ketamine infusions in a free-standing clinic setting and I remain passionate about making sure our clinics are the absolute best choice for your ketamine infusions.  Our Bellevue clinic was designed from the ground up to feel less like a medical clinic and more like a relaxing spa.  A place of serenity and comfort.  At Northwest Ketamine Clinics, the medications and protocols do the heavy lifting of our treatments, but the experience you have with our clinic and with our clinicians provide a healing of their own.  Our hope is for you to feel valued, feel safe, and to know that we are there for you.  We are more than a ketamine clinic.  We are a community of compassionate professionals who believe in our work and patients whose lives have been changed through this remarkable treatment.  Let us show you the different treatment at Northwest Ketamine Clinics can make in your life”

Allyn Wilcock, CRNA

Founder, NWKC

We’re an team of anesthesia providers and registered nurses, experienced in the administration of ketamine and in caring for our patients. Your happiness is our greatest satisfaction.

With over a century of combined direct patient care experience, we know how to care for you.  We always put your safety first. We monitor you closely throughout your treatment journey.  Keeping you safe and comfortable, working with your medical and mental health provider to ensure the maximum result possible from treatment. Our core principles of honesty, compassion, and clinical excellence guide our team in everything we do.

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Why We Do It

We want to bring HOPE to those who suffer. Having been inspired by the tremendous success of ketamine infusions for a variety of problems, we became passionate about bringing a cost-effective option to the Northwest.

Many of our team members have been impacted, either personally, or through loved ones, by the effects of debilitating depression, suicide, or chronic pain. We see ketamine infusion therapy as a rapidly effective bridge to higher functioning and a more meaningful, joy-filled life. We gratefully seek to bring that hope to our patients.  To learn more about who we are, visit our partner site here.

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Mission, Values, Promise


Our mission is, first, to bring hope and improve the lives of those who put their trust in us. We take this responsibility seriously and commit significant resources to keeping our facilities safe and staffed with experienced, talented providers. We vow to keep up with the latest research and treatments ensuring you the best treatment possible and the highest likelihood of success.

Our secondary mission is to make ketamine treatments more recognized, affordable, and available to those who are suffering and who may benefit from treatment.


We commit to being explicitly honest throughout the treatment process- from initial contact with our office to long-term follow through, we work with you and your mental health team, making treatment decisions that give you the best chance of success. Ketamine treatment is not for everyone, and there is no guarantee of success. If you are in the minority of patients who don’t seem to benefit from treatment, we will tell you so and will work with you to find other treatment options.

We are a hand-selected group of professionals who are passionate about helping others live their lives to the fullest. Your dignity, thoughts, and feelings are always in the front of our minds. We strive to ensure that you feel valued at every interaction with us. We view what we do as a calling…not a job…a calling to improve lives and help bring joy to those we serve.

Clinical Excellence:
As experienced anesthesia providers, clinical excellence is in our blood. Combined, our team has decades of experience administering ketamine to patients as an adjunct to anesthesia. We have spent tens of thousands of hours directly caring for patients and have learned to notice subtle changes in our patients that less experienced clinicians might miss.
We use state of the art monitoring equipment and the highest quality medical supplies. The result is a level of care and clinical excellence that others simply can’t touch.


Our mission and values guide our dedicated team in building relationships founded on mutual trust, integrity, and the utmost respect for those in our care.  We combine this with a culture based on teamwork and a passion for excellence to give you truly exceptional care.  We promise to provide the very best treatments, at the lowest possible cost, with the highest level of caring and professionalism possible.  Your success is our passion.

This year, an amazing three of our CRNA’s were voted as the top anesthesia providers in Washington State by Seattle Met Magazine!  Congratulations to Quyen Lee, Heather Morris, and Allyn Wilcock for achieving this honor once again in 2018!!


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